Situated in a luxury apartment building, the apartment is designed for demanding clients who appreciate a spacious apartment furnished with iconic design furniture, a large terrace with an outdoor kitchen, and lounge seating for leisure with friends, golf teammates, and business partners.
The material and color palette is chosen to be in harmony with the natural environment. The main motif is oak wood, specific to this area. The open layout of the kitchen with a dining area and living room with a terrace provides the opportunity to organize parties, private experience dinners, or wine tastings from the home wine cellar. The closed part of the apartment, on the other hand, creates a quiet refuge with a separate area for work. 
Exclusive Italian furniture in symbiosis with built-in interior equipment made locally from local sources creates an unmistakable homely atmosphere. The earthy color palette highlights the elegance of the furniture, and the compact wooden built-in elements with a hidden kitchen unit with carefully crafted details create an aesthetic experience, enhanced by design solitaires and accessories. 
The concept behind the lighting design is based on creating different scenes in the interiors and exteriors. From intimate lighting in built-in furniture and upholstered tiles to designer free-standing lamps, accentuating individual rooms and nooks. Of course, there is also technical lighting, which creates light comfort, and functionality of the space. 
The overall concept is complemented by a precise audio-video solution. The apartment is equipped with a “home cinema” system in the living room, and central control (including application) for the sound system, which allows you to create an ambient sound for each zone in the living area.
In collaboration with: Chapman Taylor s.r.o.
Client: Non-Disclosed
Design: 2021
Realization: 2022