Dynamic, ever-flowing stream of people and ideas, that’s the Wenceslas square definition proven over time and historical events. The square is the melting pot of many cultures always enabling us to see the world from new perspectives. That translates to the Phrase’s goal to serve as a portal to opportunities, to grow steadily with integrity. The design reflects the firm's need to provide safe, and at the same time creative space for its employees. Providing the areas to collaborate, interconnect, work, live, and have fun. Informal spaces allow for the movement and the flow of ideas that transform into successful products.
In any language, it's necessary to have a solid base to then layer it with more nuanced imagery, accents, and color of language specific to a given location. That is translated into the design with neutral darker shades and materials creating a solid base, layering with warm tones of wooden cladding, furniture, and upholstery, accentuated by the greenery, where the color accessories distinguish different areas of the space.
Common areas
Lounge zone
Client: Phrase a.s.​​​​​​
Design: 2022
Realization: 2023