The interior of the bar is inspired by the beauty of northern nature, with its roughness juxtaposed by the soft bits that mother nature was able to create in such conditions. The main feature of the space is the central bar clad with vertical granite slabs treated with rough edges to contrast the warm bar top made of oak slabs with irregular edges.  As the waves brush the rocky shores creating soft foam, so does the deep blue floor fade into the stone bar cladding. Brushed stainless steel furniture details of the seating niches and back bar storage reflect the closest objects as a calm water surface does, creating a more spacious feel. The walls are clad with chopped oak trunks as a symbol of man’s intervention and a need to experience the outdoors. The roughness of all the hard materials is softened by the leather upholstery in the niches and the window seats. The overall material palette is balanced between neutral tones of the ceiling, stone cladding, stainless steel details, and the warmth of natural wood and upholstery with colder tones of the deep blue floor.
Client: Non-Disclosed​​​​​​​
Design: 2022
Realization: In the process