The design of the children’s space was inspired by the natural elements of Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and, according to some cultures, the fifth element, Void (or Sky/Aether). These elements are associated with the five senses and serve as the medium for experiencing sensations. The Earth element encompasses all five senses: hearing, touch, sight, taste, and smell. Water can be heard, felt, seen, and tasted. Fire can be heard and felt. Aether is beyond all senses and is accessible through hearing. Each element can be described by specific characteristics. Earth represents stability and is symbolized by rocks, while Water represents fluidity and adaptability. Fire represents life and energy, Wind represents movement and expansion, and the Void represents spirit and creative energy.
The neutral base color of the flooring, ceiling, and partitions allows for more saturated colors of decorative objects, furniture, and an abundance of greenery used in space. 
The areas with high ceilings create the “Void”. this space is perfect for the recreation of the sky. Handmade lighting with bubble bubble-mimicking finish creates an optimistic area that is great for games, learning, and creating.  
Partitions are composed of partly tiled walls with curved corners on the bottom and ribbed transparent partitions on top, for the overall light distribution and an overview of children’s movements throughout the space. ​​​​​​​
Client: Non-Disclosed​​​​​​
Design: 2023​​​​​​​