The refurbishment of the designated areas in question is aligned with the illustrious past of the assemblage of edifices within which the Hotel is ensconced, as well as the overall ambiance of the city itself. The interiors of these renovated spaces are designed in unison with the surrounding environment, with the intention of accentuating its values, meticulous workmanship, and fostering the spirit of the place. This, in turn, engenders a heightened appreciation of the hotel grounds situated within the UNESCO heritage zone.
The overall color scheme is elevated by light beige and earthy hues, with each space being uniquely crafted to complement its intended use and character. The inclusion of royal blue, with its timelessness and elegance, adds a touch of sophistication and gravitas to the environment. The lounge area in the corner of the conference room offers a peaceful sanctuary for private conversations and relaxation. In contrast, the board room exudes an air of refined luxury, with elegant natural tones and a stunning brass chandelier. Finally, the breakfast room, inspired by a blossoming spring garden in the early morning light, evokes feelings of renewal.
Client: Non-Disclosed​​​​​​
Design: 2023
Realization: In the process